Scotland 2021

Scotland 2021

A short personal report on the Club’s recent adventures north of the border.
First a big thanks to everyone who made the journey to Killin (though this is probably the most southerly of our venues), for making this a most enjoyable trip.
Although we were spread round the town, due the pandemic precluding booking the usual communal accommodation, we all met up in groups for a number of varied days out.

A few of highlights for me included ascending one and three quarter Munros. However, falling off a footpath cannot be considered a plus point. Another day involved a cycle ride on hired bikes along the length of Loch Tay. This included a lunch in the town of Kenmore at the western end. Red squirrels were noted, some running along the lane, others not quite so lively, after losing a fight with car tyres.

On one day, a select group (I’m not sure why this did not attract more support), took the chance to walk some old railway tracks, from Lochearnhead to the site of the old Balquhidder Station and junction. Most of these rail beds are now converted to cycle ways and footpaths. The Victorian engineering inspected included two large viaducts and a massive embankment. On the return leg we passed a substantial tree which it appeared someone had taken an axe to, but suddenly realised that this was not the case. It had, in fact been gnawed by Beavers and seemed ready to fall at any
time. They must be big animals as the strips of wood gouged out were the size as my hand. We also saw a dam which they had built across a big stream / small river. They are obviously alive and well in the area.

It was also nice that Gary Q could join us for a day and share the meal on Thursday night in the Ptarmigan Café / Restaurant. We were looked after magnificently, despite shortages in kitchen and serving staff.
A memorable trip in which the weather was in general good, as this always helps.

Even as we speak next years visit is being planned.


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