Hastings Rock & Fell Peak District Weekend

Hastings Rock & Fell Peak District Weekend

As always with this popular visit to Derbyshire a good number of people put their names on the list of attendees. However a poor forecast put a few off, so the total putting up their tents (and mobile homes) was a bit reduced.

The ‘meteo’ did not deter everyone, so that the vanguard, having set up camp, headed for the popular end of Stanage where a number of routes were ascended. The weather was kind to us, although sitting, belaying at the top of the climbs did sometimes feel as if you were facing into a mini-hurricane. However, a white curtain, rain, could eventually be seen, advancing from the direction of Hope. Would it pass us by or not? It did not. The retreat was sounded, and a tactical withdrawal to the Outside café ended the day.

The weekend, although the rain fell at times, did on the whole come up to expectations with parties climbing, walking, cycling and swimming.

Catering in general involved trips to The Travellers Rest pub, which being only a five minute walk from the campsite proved too much of an attraction, and reduced the number of meals prepared alfresco.

I think that everyone who attended had an enjoyable time, with possibly one exception, involving a twisted ankle and a slighty leaky tent.

Departure for many was preceded by a large breakfast in the on site café. The laid back manner of the Hardhurst site staff “Hello, go and pitch and pay me sometime” is always refreshing, and the only thing to remember is to not pitch too close to the busy railway on the north side of the site as the rumbling freight trains all through the night can be a bit of a disturbance.


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