Hastings Rock and Fell in Derbyshire

Hastings Rock and Fell in Derbyshire

The annual summer visit to the Peak District again proved popular with members.

Numbers were slightly down on last year, but I think I counted fourteen in total over the weekend. This was our fourth time at Hardhurst Farm, and although the site filled up by Saturday night, it did not feel too overcrowded. The relaxed attitude of the management has always impressed me. ? Hello, go and pitch your tent. Pay me some-time.

IMG_0107The weather, as always, is a big factor in the success of a trip and this year we were very lucky with only a shower in the night and for five minutes one morning. For the majority this was to be a climbing ex-pedition, with some participants visiting areas they had not been to previously, or perhaps repeating old favourites. Edges visited, included Stanage High Neb, Far End and Crow Chin.


Other activities were undertaken however, with several enjoying a swim in the Hathersage Pool at the end of the day. We also included one cyclist, and at least one member went walking. Three mad people went running in the heat at the very scenic Lyme Park in Cheshire.

On a personal note, a visit to Birchen Edge on the last day brought back memories of the time when the Club used the Eric Byne Memorial Campsite, which could be see across the fields from the rocks. I remember trudging up the never ending track to the field in the middle of the night with all your kit, as vehicles had to be left down by the main road. The somewhat limited facilities offered also came to mind. Maybe we have got a bit less tough over the years.IMG_0112

An enjoyable end to one of the days was a visit to the Hope Valley Ice Cream Factory. The sign said shut at five but we found them still serving a quarter of an hour later. This is also a working farm, with cows that could be watched being milked by an automatic machine, and ducks in a pen quacking at you, perhaps we should not have mentioned orange sauce.

I think everyone had a good time although the motorway journeys were less subject to hold ups for some than others.

Very few midge bites were sustained.


Photos by Adrian Robins

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