Hastings Rock & Fell Club Summer Peaks Trip

Hastings Rock & Fell Club Summer Peaks Trip

Following many years of using North Lees Campsite as a base for this expedition, the increasing prevalence of midges in their millions has driven us to look for alternatives. We decided, after some research, to try Hardhurst Farm, on the road to Hope, an appropriate turn of phrase perhaps.

I think that the experiment proved to be a success. There was one minor downside which I will come to in a moment. Firstly there were no midges, a major plus. Secondly, the site is flat, unlike most of North Lees and the facilities are on a much more lavish scale. There is also a pub within a five minute walk serving good food. A small cafe on site provides a cooked breakfast. Prices are reasonable and the site did not seem to mind when you paid. What more could you want?

Possibly earplugs. We did not realise when we pitched the tents that we were right alongside the main Manchester to Sheffield railway, just over the hedge in fact, which had expresses, locals, and rumbling freight trains for a good part of the night. However after a couple of nights one got sort of used to it but if we use the site again, which I think we will, it may be advisable to pitch at the far side of the field.

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