Grove Wall – The End!

Grove Wall – The End!

After many threats, rumours, April Fools jokes, the end is now well and truly nye. The Grove (the new, improved, St Leonards Academy, Darwell Campus as it is now known) is closing. Our last night will be on Mon 22nd July. This will end nearly 28 years of continuous weekly use of the wall, all faithfully recorded in the Blue Book. Now I know many feel that this is not the best wall in the world but just consider whether you would be climbing now if you had not started at this humble facility.

It is proposed to hold a Wake for the Wall in a pub at the end of the final evening, everyone welcome.

However, all is not lost, as the redevelopment of Filsham Valley (the new improved St Leonards Academy Edinburgh Rd. Campus) will incorporate a modern wall in the new Sports Centre.

We are in negotiations with the Academy to use this wall which they hope to have up and running by September/October.

As with everything prices may have to rise but the indications are that this new facility will be a vast improvement on what we have now.

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