Hastings Rock & Fell Club Winter 2012 Bar-B-Q

Hastings Rock & Fell Club Winter 2012 Bar-B-Q

It hardly seems that a year has gone by since the last event at the Peak ranch, but there we were again constructing the monster bonfire. This year, the weather was kinder to us and we did not get as wet as we have on some occasions. We even had a Guy of sorts, in the form of the head of an abandoned Hobby Horse. Once the pyre was complete the crew retired for tea and cake, followed, for some, by a stroll round the adjacent fields before the light failed.

As the evening drew in members and friends started arriving. The traditional torch lit procession then wound its way up to the field, your correspondent wheeling a barrow full of fireworks and attempting to keep away from the naked flame. The fire, when lit, sent a column of sparks and smoke up into a, for once, still night sky. The fireworks were judged, by those with an eye for that sort of thing, to be a great display, (thanks to Gary and his supplier) and as the bonfire turned to embers, people drifted back to the house for food and drink (the chefs had done well again).

The famous raffle did not feature as many iffy prizes as some years so most winners took away things that they would not be tempted to bring back next year. The organizer however, felt that the draw was rigged as his number did not get called (odd).

It just remains to thank Mike and Trish for allowing us to use their facilities again and I hope that there was not too much mess to clear up.


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