HRFC Annual Night Walk

HRFC Annual Night Walk

“It was a dark and stormy night……..”, well it was quite dark, and the gentle drizzle drifting through the head torch beams added a bit of atmosphere as we set out from the warmth of the Plough at Crowhurst.

The small but select group had assembled there in anticipation of another nocturnal adventure.

Our route took us in a southerly direction down a lane where we were briefly suspected of being cattle rustlers by the local farmer. The surfaced track gave way to a green lane with puddles which most managed to avoid and after a couple of miles the bright lights of Sidley appeared twinkling through the trees. A brief detour into the metropolis followed, although a request to visit the chippy was vetoed.

The return leg of the route involved finding a way onto the long abandoned Bexhill to Crowhurst railway and a fairly level section of walking (again trying to avoid the patches of standing water) eventually saw us leaving the rail bed and descending to the marsh. This turned out to be not as boggy as feared. The heading was now almost due north following the bank of a ditch. This path, after some twists and turns, brought the team to within sight of the Pub, and a swift drink to round off the walk.

Thanks to Kev for organising the evening and to the participants for making the walk an enjoyable evening.


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