Winter Barbecue Report

Winter Barbecue Report

This popular event was once again held at El Rancho Peak and followed tradition with a merry band of helpers constructing a heap of extremely damp, if not waterlogged, timber in the middle of a wet field. The unspoken question in every ones mind, ”will it burn”, being drowned out by cries of “of course it will”.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen the chefs were slaving over a hot Aga, preparing the grub.

As dusk descended people started arriving. After a short delay, the torchlight procession wound its way to the field. The fire of course took hold with assistance from the wind, and the monster firework display lit up the sky, (thanks to Gary D and his supplier).

As the bonfire became embers the party retired to the house for food and drink, the raffle going smoothly this time without the double number issue of last summer.

Attendance was a bit down on last year but I think everyone who came had a good time and it only remains to thank Mike and Trish for putting up with the invasion for another year.


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