Another piece of Hastings Rock and Fell Club history…

Another piece of Hastings Rock and Fell Club history…

While carrying out some research for another project, one of our members, Mark Rymell, during a search of old editions of the Hastings & St Leonards Observer, came across an advert in issue dated 23rd November 1974.

The item is reproduced below:-

This meeting was the first get together for the club, which at the time did not even have a name, this was decided at the meeting.

In November of this year the club will therefore have been in existence for 36 years and is still going strong, with a paid up membership of 67 for 2010.

In the overall time span the records show that 495 individuals have for shorter or longer periods have been members. There are even one or two people who have been members for the entire time and attended the very first meeting. Points will be awarded for guessing who they may be.

Thanks again to Mark for unearthing this bit of Club history.


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