An Anniversary for Hastings Rock and Fell Club

An Anniversary for Hastings Rock and Fell Club

Monday the 7th of October 1985 may not at first sight appear to be a very significant date, but is in fact the date of the first evening that the Club used the Grove Wall.

Monday the 11th of October 2010 therefore represents 25 years of continuous use of the wall by the Club.

Now some may say that it is not the best climbing wall in the world, but at that time it was the only one available to us, and there can be no denying that a significant proportion of club members have been introduced to the sport of rock climbing by coming to the Grove.

To commemorate this Club anniversary various suggestions have been put forward, including marching bands and a display by the Red Arrows but at £1.50 per night the finances will not cover the necessary outlay, to say nothing of the coloured smoke inside the hall!

It has therefore been decided as an alternative to put on display the ancient and battered Blue Book which lists every attendance of the Club at the wall over the years, together with the infamous money tin, the shaking of which at the end of each evening has caused many a hardened climber to blanch.

Now, as many are aware the position of the Grove in terms of Academy status and redevelopment is still uncertain, so it may be a good idea to make as much use as we can of the wall while it is still there.

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