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2010 Club Trip Reports

HRFC Annual Dinner Trip 2010

This weekend was the third occasion on which the club has visited the Isle of Portland for the Dinner bash and I think it again proved to be a great success The island has a charm of its own and the accommodation and restaurant were again most satisfactory.

Lundy, September 2010

In 2005 Lundy was named as Britain’s tenth greatest natural wonder and having now been there I can quite see why that might be.

Ladies Weekend, August 2010

The hardcore womenfolk of HRFC aka the usual suspects Jean, Ruth, Jane and I planned a weekend foray into the far reaches of West Dorset a land flowing with cider and fossils.

North Wales, August 2010

The trip this year was memorable for two reasons, firstly the fact that owing to torrential rain the river at the edge of the camp site was in full spate and threatened at some time on Friday to burst its banks and flood the site (which the farmer informed us had happened on occasion). Secondly […]

Peak District, July 2010

A report on this year’s Peak trip from club nephew Sam Hartshorn…

Gower Folk Festival, June 2010

Beautiful sunshine, great music, relaxed setting and great company = a fantastic weekend.

Dartmoor, May 2010

‘I’m very sorry dear but the price has had to go up to £4 this year and you can’t book. It’s on a first come basis.’

C2C, May 2010

  Wainwright was a nutter. Having just completed the Coast to Coast in 14 days, I have come to the above conclusion. What you cry aghast!

Fontainebleau, May 2010

We caught the overnight Ferry to Dieppe on Thurs arriving at Grez sur Loing on Friday morning in rain just as the advance party was getting up after their first day on the rocks.

Scottish Winter Trip, February 2010

The trip for some, primarily your correspondent, commenced with the usual early (4am) departure from Hastings.

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