2013-14 Committee

This year’s AGM has taken place, with the present committee being re-elected so the present committee for 2013-2014 is as below.

Chairman Dick Gasson

Vice Chairman Jean Reed

Treasurer Mike Peak

Secretary Jane Moseley

Members Nick Warren, Kim Warren, Jill Leader, Simon Curd, Daryl Naylor

The 21st January committee meeting will focus on planning events and trips for the coming year, we need your input! If you have any ideas of thoughts, please let a committee member know or even come and attend the committee meeting.

Thanks to Daryl and Naomi for the talk they gave at the AGM about their adventures climbing Kilimanjaro.

The photo competition held at the AGM, resulted in a good number of entries, this year the ‘Simon Wakefield Memorial Shield’ will be shared jointly by Ruth and Nick.

Feel free to add a comment!

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