Lundy, September 2012

Lundy never disappoints and this September’s trip was no exception.

Everybody will have their own memories & I apologise if I have left out anybody’s special moments in this brief report, but this island paradise packs so much into it’s 3 square miles that this is inevitable.

Linda Williams, who hates boat rides & thought she had seen everything that Lundy had to offer on the first full day gradually succumbed to it’s charms as the week progressed. The secret is to allow yourself to tune into Lundy’s rhythm of life and let go of the helter-skelter of the mainland.

WEATHER. Other than the first day & some mist, Lundy reminded us that we were still in the summer season (unlike the mainland for most of this year).

CLIMBING. Always challenging just getting to the bottom of the climbs, but this is part of the excitement of climbing on Lundy. The rock is fantastically grippy (granite) and the routes magnificent. Many routes were climbed and some backed off (including one mid route rescue).

However, for me the highlight was going back again to the magnificent Devils Slide (HS) – 400 feet of gloriously run out slab climbing sweeping straight down into the Atlantic. Although I have climbed this route several times before- this time it was special because I was able to share it with both Kim (who couldn’t climb it two years ago due to her knee injury) and Simon C. – both of them enjoying this route for the first time & both enjoying every minute of it.

LETTER BOXING. Despite having to put up with severe leg pulling, Simon M. & I completed the whole set of Letter Boxes on Lundy in two days. This is a great way to see the Island and the notorious Rat Island Letter Box remained as difficult & potentially life threatening as any Letter Box I have known. This one is definitely the “extreme” box.

ACCOMODATION. We were spread between the Bunkhouse & the Lighthouse. Having always stayed on the campsite on previous trips, I have been won over by the accommodation on offer on Lundy (or maybe I am just getting older). Mathilda Curd was the star of the week, proving that you can be an adventurer even when you are only a few month’s old & with many a grizzled old climber (Uncle Paul Sandford) going gooey eyed over this little charmer.

GUITAR PLAYING. – The lighthouse provides the perfect sound box for an acoustic instrument and the perfect lightshow to accompany the music at sunset.

SNORKELLING/SWIMMING. Perfect conditions and many hours were spent with the Atlantic grey seals. Some of our team were recruited by one of the wardens & equipped in full wet suits for an expedition into the caves at the North Light area looking for the place where seals give birth.

We all vowed we would be back for more.


Thank you to Monty, Glyn, Linda, Tony, Dick, Ruth, John (H), John (S), Andy, Ilona, Simon(C), Lisa, Mathilda, Jenny, Steve, Jeannie, Simon (M),  Paul for your company.

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