Peaks, July 2012

Club nephew Sam Hartshorn reports on and films this year’s trip to the Peaks…..

HRFC Peaks 2012 - The Movie

Sam Hartshorn presents video highlights of this year's Peaks trip.


Last weekend of July. Moderate weather. It must be time for the Hathersage weekend! We arrived to discover the midges were prominent and hungry. So there was only one answer that should be resorted to in times of desperation – the pub! To Steve’s dismay he was sent to retrieve Jenny from Sheffield whilst Kevin and Co. watched the Opening ceremony. One sky-diving Queen later we retired for the night.


The Morning was crisp and still and soon the midges were attacking so, guzzling down breakfast we headed to Bamford. After a couple of wrong turns we made camp – next to a rotting sheep carcass – so relocated and then set out climbing. Starting with a simple DIFF we then suddenly went full throttle into a HVS along a vertical crack. Jeanie was then suddenly impaled with a branch and aquired a scar. Kevin then masterfully climbed Gargoyle Flake! Then the familiar talk of Flying buttress was whispered which must have scared Kevin because he gathered his rope and did a runner. So Jenny, Con, Dylan and I went bouldering near the plantation – which turned out to be great fun. The Weather turned horribly and Con began leading down. Jenny took over and promptly lead us into a bog and through some nettles. We did eventually arrive at camp and the Midges were waiting. Pub! Quickly! The Little (big) John filled us ready for Sunday and we retreated to the tents.


On Sunday we decided to go bouldering and returned to near the plantation which was fantastic and I recommend it to people who haven’t been! There was variety and many than required specific techniques. Then the Goodbyes were said and Jenny, Steve and my family had lunch in the indoor outdoor café. Then we parted ways. This year was short and sweet but most of all fun. A film of the adventure is being put together and will be up soon! Thank you everyone!


P.S. Anyone who didn’t come should really get up here next year (yes! That means you hairy Dave!)

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