Swanage – Easter 2012

The club mounted a number of expeditions to Dorset this Easter – those who found it hard to get out of bed on the first day off after work (Jenny & Steve, Nigel, Kevin and Monty) missed the Friday outing and instead cruised down leisurely in the afternoon, camping up at Woodyhyde, near Corfe Castle. This got us onto the rocks by at least 10am the next day – for trad climbing at Cattletroughs.

Cattletroughs - Monty belaying Nigel

As this was the first trip of the year, ¾ of the party had to downgrade our expectations and stick to the easy stuff – notwithstanding 4 routes were done each in the sun – the rocks echoing with Monty’s complaints of his ailments. The Club Mountain Bike section went cycling by himself around Tolpuddle, handily starting and finishing in the local pub.

Sunday saw our numbers swelled by the daytrippers – not put off by grey clouds – and we headed for Winspit Quarry for a sport climbing day. Many ascents were achieved of varying grades, fuelled by chocolate eggs.

You would be forgiven for thinking the club was full of bald men from this photo – in fact a) they are either not club members at all (groupies) or b) the ladies were all just out of shot.

You would also be forgiven if you thought we didn’t do much climbing – just watching – that’s true.

The Club Mountain Bike section invited his brother out for a day, and took in some local hills around Corfe.

A pleasant weekend had by all – and the weather stayed away until Monday!


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