Peak District, July 2011

Here is the report from this year’s trip by club nephew, Sam….

Friday : We arrived at the site to find it was overthrown by midges. Jenny arrived, still damp from a swim to tell tales of Bamford. After pitching tents we gathered and discussed the following day. The midges decided to avenge last year’s swatted and attacked, forcing us to retreat to the tents.

Saturday : After rolling out of sleeping bags, breathing the cold crisp air and a bite to eat, a destinations were decided. A few people headed to Stanage but the majority drove to Bamford. Starting with Mods and Diffs, the grade steadily “climbed”. Around lunch, Wrinkled Wall (HVS) was in mind. We spent around an hour there and then finished with some mildly tricky slabs. Jenny was instructive. Jeanie was determined. Monty was with his lady friend. Everyone reunited in the Little (big) John where we found Tony, Paul and Roy. I went to camp to get rested.

Sunday : In the morning, I discovered many had stayed at the pub, drinking way into the night, were rather tired and took a while to get going We headed to Burbage north and enjoyed some quick climbs. The day was full of Achievements. Dylan conquered a pretty tough climb, Monty traversed a scary ledge, I learnt how to lead and Steve improved his leading techniques. It was not to last sadly. I departed on Sunday with new knowledge and the feeling that I was becoming a climber. Next year is just around the corner…


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