Gower Folk Festival, June 2011

Whatever Happened at the Gower?

(The article got lost in a haze of cider fumes)

Well we went, we had a good time.

It rained. We got wet. Those erecting tents got even wetter.

Those who attended the dance workshop warmed up.

Others said they would not dance, no not ever.

Later, no doubt inspired by the chill,

And the tasty cider, fermented at Parkmill,

The jolly trio of Simon, Pete and Bill swept off round the floor.

So, you know who to look out for in the next series of Strictly Come Dancing.

Sunshine bathed Saturday.

Some quick climbs were to be had in 3 Cliffs bay before the tide rushed in.

Geo-caching amid knee-high gorse were enjoyed by some. Ouch.

An evening of music, song plus comedy followed.


Wrong description. It rained.


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