HRFC Annual Dinner Trip 2010

This weekend was the third occasion on which the club has visited the Isle of Portland for the Dinner bash and I think it again proved to be a great success The island has a charm of its own and the accommodation and restaurant were again most satisfactory.

I do, however, remember my first visit (quite a few years ago it must be admitted) when on a damp and some what bleak day I was introduced to Portland limestone. The place seemed to consist of enormous abandoned holes in the ground, ominous looking prison buildings, and a selection of climbs which I could not attempt to lead and struggled to second. Not a good start! Over time however, my perception has changed and I now look forward to visits with pleasant anticipation.

For the start of this years club festivities, the weather on Saturday allowed those who chose to go climbing, a range of options. Which was just as well. The first choice of Cheyne Weares area was defeated by large rolling waves, left over from a previous gale, bursting on the boulders at the foot of the cliff and throwing spray over the lower ledge. As no one had any idea if the tide was coming in or going out, the idea of climbing there was abandoned. A rapid crossing of the island to Blacknor South resulted in better conditions and a good day. The approach descent however, involved in part, a hand over hand descent, using an ancient, mucky, in situ, fixed rope. Some said this added charm to the place – maybe.

The walking parties had also enjoyed themselves, some circling the island and others visiting local places of interest.

The evening saw members, including it must be said, even some of the blokes, dressed in all their finery, ascending to the top of the island at the Heights Hotel for the meal. I have always thought this to be a pleasant situation for a restaurant with the big picture windows looking out over Portland Harbour and the lights of Weymouth beyond.

Sunday, for some, meant an early departure and a rainy drive home after a very enjoyable weekend.


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