North Wales, August 2010

The trip this year was memorable for two reasons, firstly the fact that owing to torrential rain the river at the edge of the camp site was in full spate and threatened at some time on Friday to burst its banks and flood the site (which the farmer informed us had happened on occasion). Secondly this was the first trip to Wales for some of the members attending.

As mentioned, the weather on Friday was not conducive to out door activities a visit to the Beacon indoor wall at Ceunant was decided on. This was also a first for a majority of the group but was found to be an excellent facility, housed in what had been at one time a trans Atlantic radio station used by Marconi.

Saturday saw a great improvement in the weather and then we ascended a number of routes on Tryfan, including milestone Buttress and Pinnacle Rib.

Sunday found us on Little Tryfan, somewhere where I had not been for a number of years, but a good place to go for a short day and for newcomers to practice their leading skills.


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