Peak District, July 2010

A report on this year’s Peak trip from club nephew Sam Hartshorn…

Thursday: It was a quiet campsite when we arrived. Thankfully, Nigel with his big smile was there to help us. While we gorged on Heinz beans Jeannie and Monty arrived to announce they had already been climbing. That night we all gathered to play Bowls.  As the light faded we headed to our sleeping bags and dozed off…

Friday: We were woken by the sound of the river, gently flowing. The ground was scattered with dew. Jenny was the latest to get up (she did arrive at half past midnight though). Today we headed to Frogatt. The day was full of mixed climbs and interesting ones. We ended the day with Tody’s wall (HVS). Glyn was the first to try and after many attempts managed it. Following the great Glyn came everyone else.

Later in the day we went swimming in the outdoor pool (well, some of us did). Then it rained so much we all took shelter in the pub The Little (big) John.

Saturday: Up to Goliath’s Groove today. We trekked up to Stanage Edge. We were all looking forwards to Flying Buttress. After a rocky climb, watching a stranger girl fall off Goliath’s Groove, and one that many of us got stuck in, I left to go hiking. Too my disappointment, later I found that no-one had attempted Flying Buttress!!! So the next day had high hopes.

That night we had the awards. Female climber went to Jenny and Male climber went to Nigel. Golden Award went to Jeannie, for not only climbing superbly but putting up with Monty to boot (in their luxury tent).

Wildlife rescue certificate went to Jack for bravely extricating Jumper the frog from Jenny’s knicker bag.

Sunday: The last day. Always the saddest. We went along to the end of Stanage. Sadly, Flying Buttress was overcrowded so we found a set of very different climbs, ranging from Mods to HVS. We all had ago on an overhang. We all fell off an overhang. Later some of us had lunch in the inside Outside cafe.

2010 has been my favorite climbing year. I hope next year we’ll see Miguel and Hairy Dave there. I can’t wait!

Sam (club nephew)

With many thanks to all those involved in infant ascents.

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