Gower Folk Festival, June 2010

Beautiful sunshine, great music, relaxed setting and great company = a fantastic weekend.

We arrived on the Friday afternoon and pitched out tents in a ‘very’ orderly fashion (we had been warned). We all went down to investigate the beach which was down a steep path from the campsite; climbs were investigated and planned for the weekend. After a quick tea myself, Ruth and a reluctant Dick headed down to our first session, a dance workshop, leaving Kim and Nick to meet us later. Ruth did us proud, had a go and succeeded at most of the dances, I was relieved to have half conquered one, it was great fun though and boded well for the rest of the weekend.

We met up with the rest of the party, including Simon and Lisa who were camping on a different campsite, at the main festival site. The festival was weirdly held in the middle of the heritage centre, so along with listening to music you got a little history and farm animals thrown in, it ended up being the perfect setting though

The first evening of the festival was focused on folk dancing, with all the seats pushed back, the session earlier in the day really helped here, although we were all having a go by the end of the night.

Saturday morning found us down on the beach for a spot of sun bathing and climbing. A hoped for swim didn’t happen due to the sea being full of jelly fish. Then it was back down to the festival, Kim, Ruth and myself participated in a singing workshop, then settled down for the evening’s bands.

Sunday morning, saw the packing up of tents, although I was pleased to be staying an extra night and not missing any of the festival. I managed to notice a late edition to the timetable and had a go at playing a Mandolin; it’s amazing what you can pick up in an hour! Then it was back to the bands, and I can say that I think that Sunday’s bands were the best of the lot.

On the Monday morning I decided to visit some old childhood haunts and went for a walk along Rhossili bay, a little windy but the sun was still out.

Thanks everyone for a great weekend, and I can’t wait till next year. Although I need to start learning some folk songs now!


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