Scottish Winter Trip Glenelg, February 2009

Two reports from this year’s trip. Take a look at the trip photo gallery then read on…..

Report 1 from our correspondent at camp 1.

Shortly after arriving, Mike and Trish were able to find a reliable local source of information as to where to spot otters, in fact they were told that if they did not see any, they should take a trip to Specsavers. They spent most of the week returning to this secret location but unfortunately, the only one to spot an otter was there 4 legged, permanently hungry lap dog, Purdy. (They have an appointment next week with the optician).

Chris and Pete had great success conquering a Corbet.

Gary and Archie were unable to secure a double bed, so made do with singles like the rest of us. They achieved numerous successes on the hills in the early part of the week but it took its toll on Archie who had to go home early to recuperate.

Chris and Pete had more wonderful success on achieving yet another Corbet.

The highlight of the week was a mass attempt of the 5 Sisters of Kintail. The weather forecast was perfect, light showers between the rain with occasional gaps in the cloud.

9 set off and strangely, 9 arrived on the ridge. Kim and Natalie wanted there picture taken, topless, teetering on the edge holding a copy a magazine they wished to appear in. (Unfortunately because of the cold, they decided to keep all there clothes on).

We set off along the ridge at a cracking crawl with occasional frightening views appearing through gaps in the cloud and snow. Some even managed to summit the first Munro before the comfy slipper brigade thought it best to retreat. So in the teeth of a severe blizzard the whole party managed to beat a safe retreat with no loss of life. The only wound on the day was a crack to Nicks head while showing his skills ascending an HVS gully. This turned out to be unfortunate as it caused severe memory loss on the sing song night.

Gary Qs. boast of 3 Munros on the South Kintail Ridge and down in time for lunch at the Cluanie Inn, were sadly not met. I waited to buy him a congratulatory drink but he did not appear. His excuse was bad weather but I could see the bar from where I was sitting.

Chris and Pete raised there sights even higher and climbed the dizzy heights of a Munro, (well 50 percent of 2 did).

The challenge was thrown out to all comers at a table tennis contest. Fortunately Paul Smith was not there and after a lengthy knockout competition lasting several minutes, Chris triumphed magnificently.

The Thursday night meal out at the aptly named Glenelg Inn (in Glenelg) was great, so great in fact that someone managed to lock themselves in the lavatory and having put on weight during the evening, was unable to get out of the window without much difficulty and a strong pull from the landlord.

I am unable to mention the name of this person for obvious reasons but some bells and a pair of clogs were later found in the same loo.

I thought it worth including a photo of the wonderful facilities on offer, the others pics are just mountains views, so did not want to boar you with those.

Chris Gillings

Report 2

Well, the weather could perhaps have been slightly kinder, not quite so damp, a bit more snow, but a think everyone had an enjoyable holiday.

The accommodation was very pleasant once a problem with one of the showers was resolved and the electric meters did not eat up too much money.

One or two highlights for myself, included some low level glen and coast walks on one or two of the damp days, and an ascent of Beinn Sgritheall following a battle with scrub and bog, attempting to follow a non-existent footpath. This was eventually overcome and the rest of the climb was a lot less trying. A claim of spotting an Eagle was registered on the upper crags.

An ascent of Creag Mhaim on the last day, which included a long walk in on a metalled road, rounded off the week, so I think everyone in my cabin got at least one Munro.

A couple of words about the pub evening (Thurs). I think that the meal was excellent, and the kitchen seemed to cope well with the numbers. Thanks also to the musicians, Nick ( Silver Fingers) Warren, and Rod (Mr Harmonica) Evans for the entertainment. Mention must also be made of the gallant rescue carried out by the bar staff when one of our number became trapped in the toilet.



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